Report Suggests Haitian President Assassinated Over Drug Trade

Report Suggests Haitian President Assassinated Over Drug Trade

( – When dozens of armed men raided the residence of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and shot him dead in July, people around the world speculated as to just what motivated the murder. Now, a new report suggests the president was compiling a list of people connected with the drug trade in his nation, and those powerful criminals wanted to get their hands on it before it went public.

On Sunday, December 12, the New York Times published an exclusive investigative report into the events leading up to Moïse’s death. The report says he was in the middle of creating a list of drug traffickers, including businessmen and politicians, which he planned to turn over to the US government.

After the gunmen raided Moïse’s home, they reportedly turned over his bedroom, home office, and other spots to search for the list. Many attackers arrested after the raid admitted searching for the list was a “top priority.” Newsmax shared more about this developing story:

Many potential traffickers on Moïse’s list were his friends or political allies at the time and likely felt betrayed by the president, according to the report. While Moïse’s desire to clean up his nation seemed to be an honorable one, it wasn’t enough to keep the corruption from reaching his very own doorstep.

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