Reporter Goes Viral After Taking Bite of Hot Dog

Photo by Max Nayman on Unsplash

( – A recent video has taken the internet by storm. The incident unfolded on October 13, during Jalen Tart’s live coverage of the South Carolina State Fair for WIS, an NBC affiliate. The reporter’s impromptu decision to taste a Polish hot dog on air catapulted him to unexpected online stardom. Wrapping up his segment, Tart decided to dive into the local culinary delights.

Standing next to an unidentified man, Tart declared his intent to have a bite of a Polish dog. However, after he took a very large bite, he stood there in prolonged silence, seemingly having a hard time chewing quickly.

“Pretty good, pretty, pretty good,” he managed, his words muffled by the considerable portion of hot dog lodged in his mouth. Despite the challenge, Tart chewed on, eventually passing the segment back to the newsroom after several seconds.

The scene shifted to Judi Gatson, Tart’s fellow WIS anchor, who seemed thoroughly amused. Meanwhile, the co-anchor Billie Jean Shaw told Tart to make sure he brought back hot dogs for everyone.

The video quickly permeated social media platforms, from TikTok to X, formerly known as Twitter. The widely recognized social media profile Black Food Fridays, a contender for a James Beard award, shared the video, commending Tart with the words, “Salute this man for remaining calm in the face of adversity.”

A few days post-event, during a sit-down with Shaw on WIS, Tart offered more insight into the experience. He told that he was surprised at the popularity of the video. He was simply hungry, he said, adding that all he wanted was a bite to eat.

The reason behind the sizeable bite, Tart explained, was his desire to savor every topping available on the Polish dog. He said that while he was enjoying the food, he suddenly realized he had too much in his mouth to swallow. It wasn’t bad, he clarified, saying that he just couldn’t provide feedback because his mouth was too full.

However, when queried about future plans regarding Polish dogs, he said he didn’t have plans to eat any more.

Having been with WIS for a mere three months, Tart shared that upon his return, to the station, Gatson had a bit of wisdom for him. He said that he went out to try some other foods and drinks, and that Gatson told him to avoid taking any big bites.

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