Reporter’s Voice Cracks as She Covers Crime in Memphis

Reporter's Voice Cracks as She Covers Crime in Memphis

Reporter CHOKES UP on Camera – It Was Too Much

( – Overcome with emotion during a live on-scene report in Memphis, Joyce Peterson almost broke down. The Action News employee was providing details about an incident on September 7 where a 19-year-old drove around the city randomly shooting people. He killed four victims and injured three others in a rampage he broadcast on Facebook Live.

Peterson sighed and noted the city was tired due to the recent crime wave. Her voice cracked as she explained just how difficult times are in Memphis right now. She related to viewers how violence had rocked the city in the past week, noting the Eliza Fletcher case in particular. On September 2, the teacher and mother went for a jog but never returned home. Authorities later found her body and have a man in custody for her alleged kidnapping and murder.

Peterson also spoke of the murder of Reverend Autura Eason-Williams, who died on July 18, a victim of an alleged carjacking. She was reportedly in her driveway when criminals who wanted to steal her car shot her. Authorities have charged two 15-year-olds and a 20-year-old with her death.

Is the reporter’s response to the horrific stories she shared with viewers surprising? Memphis isn’t an isolated case. As cities across the nation suffer similar tragic events — mass shooting events, reports of crime, natural disasters, economic downturns, and more — other news anchors might also shudder under the weight of emotionally-charged stories they must share while attempting to maintain core journalistic values.

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