Republican Candidate DENIES Report – Says It’s a Lie!

Herschel Walker Rejects Claim He Paid for Woman's Abortion

Herschel Walker Rejects Report Alleging He Paid for Woman’s Abortion

( – Herschel Walker, the Republican US Senate candidate in Georgia, isn’t happy with a story released by The Daily Beast on October 3. The publication claimed the former NFL star once paid a woman to undergo an abortion. But Walker, in contrast, claimed the woman’s story is 100% false and announced he would take the matter to court with a lawsuit against the media outlet.

The Daily Beast’s article was about an unnamed woman who told the publication she became pregnant while dating Walker in 2009. She stated he didn’t feel it was the right time to have a baby and pushed her to get an abortion. She showed evidence of her claims, including a canceled check, clinic receipt, and a card from the former football player. The clinic charges were $575, but Walker reportedly wrote a check for $700. She explained she had estimated the figure when telling her former partner how much it cost, accounting for the difference.

The woman noted in the report that she came forward due to Walker’s “hypocrisy” over abortion. The GOP member’s platform is staunchly against the procedure, even calling for a ban without the common exceptions for rape, incest, or the endangerment of the mother’s life.

The Republican candidate claimed the journalist who wrote the story is a “Democrat activist” who has harassed him since he announced his run for office. He said The Daily Beast is guilty of “slander,” and he’s tired of letting the matter slide. He also added that he would be filing a lawsuit over the matter, although it’s unknown whether or not he’s done it so far.

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