Republican Pushes Bill to Rehire Discharged Troops

Republican Pushes Bill to Rehire Discharged Troops

( – Despite President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate taking a hit in the courts, the US military maintained the orders it had in place requiring troops to obtain their COVID-19 vaccinations. Once those deadlines came and went, each branch began discharging those who didn’t get the vaccine. Now, it looks like Republican lawmakers are trying to help those men and women return to service.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) introduced the Service Restoration Act on February 8. The bill would require the military to reinstate any member released from duty for failing to vaccinate. Breitbart News reported that it would also bar the armed forces from applying other requirements for nonvaccinated individuals, such as mask mandates or sub-standard housing assignments.

Other measures within the legislation would allow those the military discharged to avoid forfeiture of the time off and use it towards their benefits. It also requires the branches to remove any negative marks from the service members’ records pertaining to the vaccine mandate.

In a statement, Roy said “hundreds of valuable American service members” lost their jobs because of the president’s mandate. He said he believes the Service Restoration Act would help stop the dismissals and allow soldiers to get back to serving the country.

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