Republican Senator Takes a Stand Against Cancel Culture

Republican Senator Takes a Stand Against Cancel Culture

( – Although cancel culture has been around a long time, it’s reached new heights in recent months. Here’s how it works. Big tech companies and online commentators work to “cancel” people, companies, and movements they consider to be offensive.

Recent examples include Donald Trump and other leading conservative voices having their social media accounts permanently suspended. They also include Parler temporarily losing its hosting services and Apple and Google removing its app from their stores.

California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) has decided to take a stand against it. On Wednesday, February 3, she introduced two bills banning discriminatory practices related to an individual’s political leanings.

The aim of the first piece of legislation, Senate Bill 238, is to add a person’s political affiliation as a “protected characteristic” regarding housing and employment under existing state law.

The other, Senate Bill 249, would amend the current education code to prohibit bullying, discrimination, intimidation, and harassment based on an individual’s political preferences.

According to a press release, Melendez recently said that a person’s life shouldn’t be ruined over their political ideology. “Free speech covers all speech, not just that with which you agree,” she added.

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