Republicans Ask DHS to Review Policy on Immigrants, Report Says

Republicans Looking to Review Policy on Immigrants, Report Says

( – Since September 11, 2001, airport security has become much more intense with random screenings, thorough bag checks, and more types of scanners than ever before. Still, some Republicans see one major issue with how the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) currently operates. Earlier this year, TSA officials reportedly confirmed that undocumented immigrants can use civil immigration arrest warrants as a form of identification to board domestic flights. Now, this policy is under scrutiny from lawmakers.

While it seems the TSA’s policy to allow illegal immigrants to use civil immigration arrest warrants to board domestic flights is nothing new — reports indicate it’s been in place since before the Biden administration came to power — it’s now getting quite a bit of attention amidst the growing border crisis. Fox News reported this week that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Representative Lance Gooden (R-TX), along with multiple other Republicans, have signed a letter requesting the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Cuffari review the policy. Gooden told reporters he finds the policy baffling and wants to know why it’s being allowed.

House Representative Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced a bill to address this situation back in January and shared it on Twitter:

In the latest letter, Republicans say arrest warrants are not proper forms of identification and that the current procedure poses major security risks. While the documents are civil warrants issued by ICE, and not criminal warrants, the policy still begs the question — should immigrants be allowed to use these forms as identification?

The skies are only as secure as the weakest part of TSA policy, and right now, some lawmakers see a gaping hole. Can Congress remedy this loophole to keep all flyers safe in the coming years?

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