Republicans Introduce Bill To Punish Supreme Court Leakers

Republicans Introduce Bill To Punish Supreme Court Leakers

Supreme Court LEAKERS Could Go To Prison Under This Rule

( – When POLITICO first published a leaked draft of a potential Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling, many Americans raised the concern that it was an enormous breach of trust in the judicial branch and an attack on its integrity. Some Republicans even warned the Left would use it as an excuse to pack the nation’s highest court. Now, other GOP lawmakers are moving to make such a leak a federal crime moving forward.

On Tuesday, May 31, House Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) led 11 other GOP lawmakers to introduce the “Leaker Accountability Act of 2022,” which would penalize anyone who discloses confidential SCOTUS info to the public. He shared information about his move on Twitter:

If convicted under the new law, a criminal could face up to five years in jail. This new legislation came just under a month after 21 Republicans asked Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Way to begin a criminal investigation into the recent leak. Currently, the Supreme Court’s marshal, Col. Gail Curley, is in charge of the investigation but hasn’t reported on its progress since early May.

The nine justices currently serving on the Supreme Court must understand and interpret the US Constitution and the United States’ laws. The rigorous process it takes to do their job well has been a viciously private one for decades. Should Congress take this next step to ensure it stays this way?

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