Republicans Launch Investigation of Biden Admin’s Gun Sale Database

Republicans Launch Investigation of Biden Admin's Gun Sale Database

( – Second Amendment rights are something many Americans support. Because they value the right to bear arms, supporters of the amendment pay close attention to any possible infringement. Current actions by the Biden administration are raising red flags and catching the attention of some gun rights advocates.

A group of Republican lawmakers led by Representative Michael Cloud (R-TX) is investigating a federally-held record of firearm purchases. The coalition accuses the White House of breaking the federal law banning the government from compiling or maintaining a national firearm registry.

In a letter dated February 3, the group asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) for information about the use of almost one billion records from out-of-business firearms dealers. The ATF maintains they use them for gun crime tracking, but, at the same time, the agency admits it’s unknown whether the database actually helps in the prosecution of such crimes. The GOP members are concerned the Biden administration is on the path to using the information for tracking legal owners.

The coalition is also fighting against Biden’s work to create legislation requiring all firearm retailers to maintain sales records permanently and removing the current 20-year deadline. The group asked the ATF to provide them with statistics on firearm tracing using records more than 20 years old, which would show whether this proposed legislative change makes sense. They do not believe those statistics will suggest a need for new regulation.

Additionally, the lawmakers feel the results will help reveal the true motivation behind having these records on hand, which they are concerned is to create a registry.

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