Republicans Looking to Push Out Richard Blumenthal This Year

Republicans Looking to Push Out Richard Blumenthal This Year

( – It’s been decades since the Republican party had a Senator from Connecticut. However, recent reports indicate the conservative party has high hopes it can push out current Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) from his seat in the upcoming primaries. Still, it will be a tough battle as Blumenthal has served in his current seat since January 3, 2011, and currently possesses $7.5 million in campaign cash.

The state GOP is pinning hopes on Themis Klarides, a lawyer and politician from the state, to displace Blumenthal from his long-held seat. Klarides was the first woman to serve as the GOP leader for the Connecticut House of Representatives from 2014 to 2020. During her tenure in that position, she focused on minimizing spending while supporting education and law enforcement.

Klarides hopes her moderate views on social issues will gain her votes from those who are fed up with Blumenthal’s progressive politics, while those from the Right will agree with her fiscally conservative viewpoint.

Susan Haigh, a political writer from Hartford, Connecticut, shared the excitement surrounding this upcoming election on Twitter:

Other potential GOP contenders include but are not limited to Leora Levy, the state’s Republican National Committeewoman, and Peter Lumaj, an attorney and aspiring politician. Now, it’s up to state Republicans to support and vote for the candidate they believe can defeat Blumenthal in November.

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