Republicans Target Biden’s Immigration Policies Ahead of Midterms

Republicans Target Biden's Immigration Policies Ahead of Midterms

( – Heading into most elections, certain topics motivate voters to get to the polls. In 2020, coronavirus policies were central to political debates, as were national security and taxes. In 2022, reports suggest Republicans are planning to use President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies.

The Biden administration’s border policies have been the subject of much controversy this year. As a result, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, the GOP candidate for Arizona’s Senate seat next year, hopes his firm stance against illegal immigration will help him win against incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly.

Reuters shared more about the GOP’s strategy for the 2022 midterms:

Biden’s immigration policies have drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. At this point, many voters are seriously seeking candidates with clear immigration policies. The Republicans Governors Association did just this in early October when they released a report highlighting the construction of the border wall and the end of catch and release as key policies, among others.

For now, pollsters are only beginning to understand just what will motivate Americans to get out and vote in 2022. However, there’s a good bit of evidence showing immigration policies may play a key role in motivating voters to exercise their civil duty next year.

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