Resident Expresses Concerns About Homeless Structures on Oregon River

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

( – Residents living close to Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, have seen multiple makeshift structures being constructed in the area, according to news reports. However, they reportedly haven’t been successful in getting anyone to address the situation.

Ric Scaramella, a condominium owner who lives on Willamette River, spoke with KOIN, telling them that when he tries to have the issue addressed, the response is that they “don’t have jurisdiction because it’s Union Pacific, it’s a railroad.”

Scaramella further noted that people were constructing makeshift cabins that included doors, windows, and even solar panels along the water. He further added that this location was overlooking downtown Portland. He said that from where he is, he can see nine structures being built. He added that none of these are tents.

Scaramella also expressed concern about the structures and the individuals living there, claiming that there is no city service there and that the pollution could go down the river. He added that the structures have been reported dozens of times, but no one seems to have a solution.

According to Fox News, a journalist for another unnamed outlet took a water vessel to get closer to the structures. The person reported that many of them are built using driftwood, and that garbage and debris were collecting nearby.

One individual identified simply as “Paula” told KOIN that she had lived along the shore on an “on and off” for more than a year.

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