Ring Finally Returned to Owner Years After It Went Missing

Ring Finally Returned to Owner Years After it Went Missing

(ConservativeHub.com) – Every so often, someone loses a prized possession, like a wedding band or class ring. Usually, if the jewelry has been gone for more than a few days, there’s little hope of finding it again. However, one class ring found its way back to its owner earlier this month after 15 long years of separation.

In 2006, Georgia resident Marilyn Jackson enjoyed walking along a trail near Georgia Southwestern State University. One day, she found a ring along the winding, woodsy trail and ran newspaper ads, trying to find its owner. However, this particular avenue never led to any credible leads, and she eventually forgot about it.

Fifteen years later, a news report reminded Jackson of the ring, reigniting her desire to reunite the ring with its proper owner. After getting out her magnifying glass and multiple lamps, she made out the tiny, engraved letters. After a quick Google search, she found Ian Pierson’s phone number and asked if he had lost a ring over a decade ago. He replied, “Yes.”

WTVY News 4 delves more into the story:

Jackson mailed the ring back to Pierson, who was quite grateful to have his old high school relic back. Now, Pierson will probably take extra care before heading out on a secluded trail for a run, making sure his rings are on tight, so he doesn’t lose another one.

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