RNC Research Says Biden Is in “Perpetual State of Confusion” in Normandy

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Thursday, June 6, the research division for the Republican National Committee (RNC) posted several videos showing President Joe Biden seemingly in a “perpetual state of confusion” after his speech in Normandy to commemorate D-Day’s 80th anniversary.

Following Biden’s speech on Thursday, the RNC research account, managed by the RNC and former President Donald Trump’s campaign, shared numerous videos on X, formerly Twitter, of the President’s “awkward” behavior in Normandy.  

In one clip, Biden bends down, seemingly unsure whether or not it’s time to sit down.  

During his D-Day speech, Biden appeared to misspeak when he urged allies to support Ukraine in the war against Russia, stating that hundreds of thousands of Russian military personnel had been killed in Ukraine.  

In the clip, Biden says, “They’ve suffered tremendous losses” against Russia, describing the “350,000 Russian troops” that were wounded or dead as “staggering.”  

In another clip, Biden is seen walking off with First Lady Jill Biden, as President Emmanuel Macron of France, continued to greet and chat with World War II veterans. Later, Biden appears to claim in a hot mic moment that his “advance team” advised him that he had to be the first to leave.   

In an interview with ABC News’ David Muir, Biden claimed he has known Russian President Vladimir Putin for “over 40 years.” This was despite Putin serving undercover within a unit of the KGB for the entire 1980s.

Biden told Muir that he has known Putin “for over 40 years” and that during that time, the Russian President has always “concerned” him, declaring, “he’s not a decent man.”

Many of the clips shared by RNC Research, however, were received critically by PolitiFact due to the types of claims they were sparking from the public. For instance, one commenter claimed Biden was trying to sit in an “imaginary chair,” during the event — a statement the outlet said the full video of the event did not support. PolitiFact also called out other claims that Macron was left to greet veterans alone by citing the full video, in which Biden is shown shaking hands and speaking with multiple veterans.

The White House also commented on some of the claims being made about Biden during the event, pointing to the PolitiFact report dismissing them as “baseless.” Spokesman Andrew Bates also said he’s been “worried” about the RNC Research social media account due to its decision to criticize Biden over things like enjoying icecream and “respecting his wife.”

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