RNC Thinks Congress Shouldn’t Investigate Jan. 6 Attack

RNC Thinks Congress Shouldn't Investigate Jan. 6 Attack

(ConservativeHub.com) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) continues to object to Congress investigating the incident on January 6, 2021. In a move against the House Select Committee, it filed an injunction this week to stop the committee from subpoenaing data from Salesforce, the party’s email vendor. In the filing, the RNC made it clear they want the executive branch to handle the inquiry into that day.

Initially, the RNC filed a lawsuit against the House Select Committee, alleging its subpoena against Salesforce was a case of overreach and a potential breach of privacy. Then the RNC added Salesforce itself to the lawsuit to keep it from complying with the subpoena. The group also argued that Congress’s job isn’t to look into government interests like this; that duty falls to law enforcement and the executive branch. Furthermore, the court documents say the request to Salesforce oversteps Congress’s power to issue subpoenas. It accuses the committee of abusing its fact-finding authority.

Select Committee spokesman Tim Mulvey said the subpoena to Salesforce was only to gather information about messages sent around January 6 that might have incited the actions that day. He insisted it had nothing to do with getting people’s private data.

The RNC contends Salesforce’s information about RNC members and donors must remain private. It could reveal the inner workings and strategies of the group that the committee has no right to access. The organization contends the lawsuit is essential to protect the party’s integrity and members and prevent unconstitutional actions by the House select committee.

Do you think Congress should be running this investigation, or should the responsibility fall on another party?

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