Ron DeSantis Makes Big Announcement for Schools

Ron DeSantis Makes Big Announcement for Schools

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has fiercely fought for his state’s prosperity over the past two years. His latest announcement shows his dedication, not only to his current residents but to those of the next generation as well.

On Wednesday, November 10, DeSantis announced education budget proposals to provide over $1 billion towards bettering public schools in Florida. If passed, the budget per student would be higher than ever at $8,000 and would hopefully bring in better teachers and curriculums to the state.

The Florida Times-Union shared just a few aspects of the budget proposal:

Additionally, the proposal includes teacher salaries starting at a minimum of $47,500 and a second round of $1,000 bonus checks for over 175,000 teachers and principals. A welcome addition for many residents, the proposal would eliminate the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and implement progress monitoring tools instead.

If DeSantis can get this budget through his legislature, it’ll go a long way towards supporting schools and teachers in the state. In turn, better schools will likely continue to encourage freedom-loving Americans to move to Florida to raise their families in a place they know their governor will protect their liberties.

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