Ron DeSantis Proposes Fines for Big Tech Company Censorship

Ron DeSantis Proposes Fines for Big Tech Company Censorship

( – A couple of maxims apply when discussing the unfettered power of social media websites. First, “whoever controls the information controls the world,” and second, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Fed up with Big Tech companies censoring conservative voices, Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick DeSantis announced new legislative actions intended to push back against online censorship during a fiery February 2 speech.

The legislation will limit social media companies’ ability to continue censoring certain viewpoints on matters of public interest. For example, DeSantis plans on imposing a daily fine of $100K for any tech platform that suspends a candidate for office in Florida during an election. Likewise, any company suppressing information related to a particular candidate or political cause will face stiff daily penalties.

Both Facebook and Twitter censored numerous posts by Donald Trump and his campaign during the 2020 election cycle. Twitter ended up deplatforming Trump.

DeSantis’ proposed legislation would either help end the arbitrary practice of suppressing conservative voices, or at least force Big Tech to pay hefty prices for future censorship.

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