Ron DeSantis’ WIFE Takes Action – This Is Amazing!

DeSantis' Wife Joins Husband To Support Hurricane Ian Victims

Casey DeSantis Joins Husband To Support Those Impacted By Hurricane

( – A clean-up is ongoing in Florida after Hurricane Ian devastated many areas of the state. Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is leading efforts to rebuild and help those left without homes. But his wife, Casey DeSantis, isn’t simply watching her husband do all the work. She’s busy providing assistance and support in a variety of ways.

The governor’s wife has engaged in a flurry of activity since the storm hit the state on September 28. She first tackled the Florida Disaster Fund, taking in over $10 million in donations in the first hours after its activation. The money will go to help those impacted by the hurricane.

On October 3, DeSantis stopped at the Douglas T Jacobson State Veterans’ Nursing Home to check in on residents and offer necessary assistance. She also looked around to ensure there were no lingering needs and that the facility had access to resources. She also helped distribute supplies to Pine Island, where she worked alongside the Florida National Guard.

On October 4, the first lady visited first responders, many of whom came from other states. She noted the importance of ensuring these men and women get the care they need by announcing a website providing mental health services through the Florida Division of Emergency Management. DeSantis also made sure they understood how appreciated they were for volunteering their time and efforts.

Casey DeSantis shows no signs of slowing down. She has committed to raising funds and assisting wherever possible to get Floridians back on their feet. On October 7, she announced she was partnering with Tervis, a company that sells drinkware. The company will be selling a special tumbler, and its proceeds will go to Florida’s Disaster Fund.

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