Russia Bans Another 25 Americans From Visiting Nation

Russia Bans Another 25 Americans From Visiting Nation

Russia Issues MORE Bans – New Names Revealed!

( – Russia’s war in Ukraine has led to a myriad of international sanctions on its country and businesses, as well as the people behind those companies. These actions have taken a significant toll on the invading nation’s economy, but it’s fighting back by banning more Americans from ever visiting again.

On Monday, September 5, the Russian Foreign Ministry released its latest list of 25 people the government will no longer allow in the country in response to the ongoing and increasing sanctions the Biden Administration has put on Russian citizens. The list included actor and director Ben Stiller and producer and actor Sean Penn. Both have recently visited Ukraine to share their support for the country.

Russia also banned Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Patrick Toomey Jr. (R-PA), Michael Rounds (R-SD), Rick Scott (R-FL), and the Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (D). These names sit alongside various directors, presidents, and managers of major companies and non-profits, including the Cleveland Cliffs Mining Company and the World Movement for Democracy.

Russia is making it clear that US citizens who speak out against its aggression will never get the chance to visit. Shortly after the announcement of the new sanctions, Stiller posted the following on social media:

Russia has also targeted a wide range of high-profile Americans with sanctions thus far, while the US has imposed penalties on a number of Russians as well.

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