Russia Using Drones From IRAN?! – Pentagon Official Speaks Up!

Pentagon Says Russia Is Using Iranian Drones in Ukraine

Pentagon Says Russia Is Using Iranian Drones in Ukraine

( – Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, it’s faced trouble sourcing enough guns, bullets, missiles, and drones for its ongoing war. Under sanctions from several countries, the invading nation has reportedly turned to Iran for assistance. US authorities recently concluded that Russian troops are using Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in their battles.

On Tuesday, September 27, Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said during a press briefing that Iranian drones are in use on Russia’s frontlines. In a news briefing on Monday, September 26, Serhiy Bratchuk, an Odesa Oblast military spokesman, said Russia had carried out multiple regional attacks using Shahed-136 UAVs, attacking targets in and around the port city of Odesa on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Air Force officials also reported shooting down an Iran-supplied Mohajer-6 drone, a larger UAV capable of carrying more, for the first time. Reports about the Iranian-designed drones flying over the Southern part of the country came on September 13.

Although Gen. Ryder declined to comment on the battlefield efficacy of the units, those who’ve faced them in battle are speaking out. In an interview with POLITICO, Junior Sergeant Andriana Arekhta of the Ukrainian Armed Forces described the difficulties posed by the technology and suggested specific countermeasures to combat them, requiring more advanced military aid and greater levels of technology. She expressed her frustration at not being able to stop the UAVs from destroying multiple tanks and the troops inside them in recent days.

Arekhta was among the delegation Ukraine sent to Washington, DC, to discuss the specific types of weapons and aid that would be most effective in helping them fend off the next wave of Russian aggression. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently called for the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to join the fight. Do you think this will turn the tide of the war back in his favor?

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