Russian Teachers Allegedly Feeding Propaganda to Children

Russian Teachers Allegedly Feeding Propaganda to Children

( – Governments administering controlling regimes often try to shape the narrative in the media. In the case of the current Russia-Ukraine situation, it appears the Kremlin is working hard to ensure it’s also influencing the youngest in the country. According to recent reports, teachers are under pressure to use an approved approach to teaching current events.

Educators in Russia are allegedly being instructed to use propaganda from the Ministry of Education to teach students the situation in Ukraine is a peacekeeping mission. The revelation shows President Vladimir Putin’s fervor to ensure everyone in Russia supports him.

Secondary schools reportedly have instructions to hold war-themed social studies courses teaching the Kremlin’s message about the special mission. Teachers must also educate students about how bad NATO is and why it’s a danger to Russia.

It appears Putin is also altering history. Instructions to teachers require them to tell students Ukraine staged a coup in 2014, and an American-led regime took over. Putin’s administration wants children to learn Donetsk and Luhansk were victims of genocide, which required Russia to intervene. Most historians would take issue with this version of history objectively.

Still, reports allege that teachers have no choice but to educate using the ministry’s propaganda. They must also show proof of what they teach.

What do you think of Putin’s attempts to control the narrative?

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