School District Investigates After Teacher Makes Shocking Comments

Teacher Caught on Camera Telling People Not to Judge Child Predators

Teacher’s Comments Under INVESTIGATION – Did They Go Too Far?

( – When a child goes to school, it’s reasonable to expect that they will learn the basic subjects and engage in educational discussions. However, a recent video circulated on social media showing a teacher at one Texas school may have overstepped her boundaries.

According to KTSM, a 16-second video shows a teacher discussing those who are attracted to children, saying that they should refer to these, not as pedophiles, but as minor-attracted persons or MAPS and not to “judge people because they want to have sex with 5-year-olds.” The outrage was swift, with many people reaching out to the school district demanding answers. Still, two students who attended the class said the video doesn’t tell the whole story and took the discussion out of context.

The El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) has released a statement saying it’s investigating the incident, and while it has no further comment, officials are making the students a “top priority.”

The term “minor attracted persons” has been used by some professionals in the place of “pedophile” in the past. Miranda Galbreath, a prison therapist in Pennsylvania, received harsh criticism from some groups for using the term. She explained in a YouTube video back in August that mental health professionals originally designated the term pedophile as “a diagnostic label,” but society now uses it in a judgmental fashion.

Is using the replacement verbiage minor-attracted person accurate or appropriate?

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