School Librarian Reportedly Has Students Act Out Holocaust

Teacher Reportedly Has Students Act Out Holocaust

( – Parents often hear stories of teachers getting creative with lesson plans for their children, and this can be an enormous encouragement to hear of students truly enjoying their education and immersing themselves in learning. However, one DC instructor allegedly took their latest lesson much too far when they made their students act out scenes from the Holocaust.

On Friday, December 17, a librarian at Watkins Elementary School in Washington, DC, reportedly had third-graders pretend to be Nazis and their Jewish victims while acting out brutal events that occurred during the Holocaust. According to one parent, the staffer, named Kimberlynn Jurkowski in recent reports, went so far as to have a Jewish student pretend to be Adolf Hitler and act out committing suicide at the end of the reenactment.

The librarian allegedly instructed other students to simulate dying in a gas chamber, digging mass graves, and taking a train to a concentration camp. Some reports say Jurkowski made anti-Semitic comments when asked about the reasoning for the assignment, declaring, “Jews ruined Christmas.” It’s also alleged that when she gave the lesson, she ordered students not to tell anyone about it.

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The school’s principal was quick to condemn the unacceptable lesson and put Jurkowski on administrative leave. He also emphasized, “Students should never be tasked with acting out any atrocity, especially genocide and war.”

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