Scorching Temperatures in the Midwest Leave Thousands of Cattle Dead

Scorching Temperatures in the Midwest Leave Thousands of Cattle Dead

At Least 2,000 Cattle DEAD – Trouble for the Industry?

( – High temperatures are a problem, and not just for humans. Farm animals also suffer greatly. In Kansas, officials say a triple-digit heatwave has killed at least 2,000 head of cattle. Temperatures and humidity drastically climbed over the June 11 weekend, leading to the losses.

Scarlett Hagins, Kansas Livestock Association spokesperson, said the quick spike in temperature meant the cattle couldn’t adjust fast enough, and the heat overcame them. Over the weekend, the thermometer reached 108 degrees in the northwestern part of the state.

This weather is oppressive, stressing the animals. Ranchers have tried to limit illness and death by providing extra water and doing routine health checks. Nebraska Cattlemen president Brenda Masek said this type of weather requires ranchers and farmers to check on the cattle daily and ensure a continuous fresh water supply.

The weather forecast for the coming week predicts no end in sight to the heat for Kansas. Temperatures are expected to range from the mid 80s into the 100s throughout the state, not accounting for humidity, which will make it feel even hotter.

The US cattle industry is already under strain, and the loss of cattle in adverse weather aggravates the problem. Ranchers have struggled due to increased feed prices and droughts in many areas. Kansas is the third-largest cattle-producing state, so state-wide losses could significantly impact the industry.

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