Scotland Plans to Acquit Thousands Who Were Executed as “Witches”

Scotland Plans to Acquit Thousands Who Were Executed as

( – Nearly every nation has dark moments in its history it would rather forget. However, instead of dismissing or covering up such mistakes, it’s usually best to face them head-on with integrity, often with an apology of some kind. Scotland plans to do just that as it comes to terms with the fact it convicted and executed around 2,600 people in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Scottish National Party member Natalie Don is currently helping draft a bill that would posthumously pardon the thousands of people accused of witchcraft in Scotland hundreds of years ago. Of the at least 3,873 people the nation accused of practicing witchcraft, authorities convicted over half and burned them at the stake after strangulation and torture.

Living between the 1500s and 1700s was certainly a frightening time for people in Scotland, especially for women, with that focus on capturing alleged witches. For instance, many took advantage of the mania by accusing their adversaries of practicing witchcraft to get rid of them.

The New York Post shared more about the story:

Many advocates have been asking for a public apology and for the state to clear the names of those convicted in order to heal from the past. This bill, if it passes, could offer some solace for relatives of those victims.

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