Secret Service Helps Return $2 Billion in Stolen Funds

Secret Service Retrieves $2 Billion in Stolen Funds

( – Democrats forced President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill through the Senate without a single Republican vote using a technicality called reconciliation. They plan to use it at least once more this year to advance Biden’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

Using reconciliation means Democrats don’t have to get a supermajority of 60 votes. They can pass measures by a simple majority of 51 votes or less if the full Senate isn’t available to vote on a measure.

Democrats keep pushing expensive proposals through Washington with no regard for who pays the bill or how long it might take. That’s the nature of tax and spend liberals.

Here’s the thing. Despite all these new spending endeavors, there’s already a ton of money floating around in the system that hasn’t been spent yet. And, as the Secret Service recently demonstrated, there’s a lot of ill-gotten cash to confiscate and return to the individuals and programs intended to receive those taxpayer funds in the first place.

The Secret Services Recovers Billions in Stolen Funds

On May 12, the Secret Service reported that it had seized more than $640 million in fraudulently obtained funds and helped recover about $2 billion through its investigations into coronavirus relief-related financial fraud. Enforcement officials returned the seized and recovered funds to state-operated unemployment insurance programs.

The Secret Service initiated nearly 700 unemployment fraud investigations and more than 700 investigations related to fraud involving the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program.

US Secret Service Director James M. Murray stated that the agency has been “identifying and investigating” fraud for more than 150 years. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have similarly relied on the Secret Service to “safeguard… essential financial relief.”

It’s particularly concerning that so many Americans have struggled to receive unemployment so they could keep food on the table for their families while others were fraudulently obtaining funds to allegedly pay for luxury items they didn’t need.

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