Secret Service Involved in Hunter Biden Scandal, Sources Allege

Secret Service Involved in Hunter Biden Scandal, Report Alleges

( – Legal problems surrounding President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, are well-documented. He’s currently under investigation for tax-related issues by federal investigators in the US Attorney offices in the Southern District of New York and Delaware.

He is also reportedly under investigation for his questionable business practices with overseas energy companies in China and Ukraine, and a probe has been initiated into a possible money-laundering scheme.

Problems surrounding Hunter Biden don’t begin and end with him. As we reported earlier this year, one of his former business partners claimed that “China” compromised the Biden family. It also appears that Secret Service agents may have gotten involved in one of his domestic scandals.

Did Secret Services Agents Protect Hunter Biden?

Politico reported on March 25 that two sources alleged that Secret Service agents got tangled up in a bizarre incident involving Hunter Biden’s gun.

Supposedly, Hunter and the widowed wife of his brother, Beau Biden, got involved in a skirmish on October 23, 2018. Hallie Biden took Hunter’s gun away from him and tossed it in a garbage can in Delaware. When they returned to retrieve the gun, it was missing, and the local police initiated an investigation into the matter.

Two unnamed sources told Politico that Secret Service agents went to the gun store where Hunter purchased the gun and attempted to take the paperwork documenting the sale. The store’s owner refused to turn over the paperwork out of concern that the agents wanted to cover up Hunter Biden’s involvement in the situation if the missing gun ended up being used in a crime.

Secret Service officials told Politico they had no records of their agents investigating the incident, and a spokesperson for Joe Biden denied having any knowledge of Secret Service agents interceding.

Whether or not the Secret Service was involved (and, if so, why) remains a mystery. However, it’s difficult to dismiss any allegation about Hunter Biden’s questionable past.

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