Secret Service Official Named in Jan. 6 Hearing Testimony Resigns

Secret Service Official Involved in Jan. 6 Hearings Resigns

Secret Service Official LEAVING – Resignation Announced!

( – The US House January 6 hearings have led to lots of back and forth as witnesses tell different accounts of the day’s events. During previous White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s June testimony, details came out that President Donald Trump may have tried to get his Secret Service (SS) detail to take him to the US Capitol. Now, one of the agents who appeared in her story is leaving federal service.

On Monday, August 29, Tony Ornato announced his retirement from the SS, a federal law enforcement group dedicated to protecting sitting and former presidents and their families. Ornato served with the SS since 1997 but also took a turn serving as Trump’s White House deputy chief of staff for operations.

Ornato is reportedly leaving the SS in good standing and has said he has intended to retire since last year.

During Hutchinson’s testimony, she said Ornato told her about an incident between Trump and one of his SS agents where the former POTUS allegedly tried to grab the SUV’s wheel and driver. While Ornato did testify before the committee behind closed doors, he has now secured a lawyer as a private citizen. He will continue working in the private sector.

What do you think about the revelations regarding Ornato and Trump?

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