Secret Service Stops Massive Criminal Conspiracy

Secret Service Stops Massive Criminal Conspiracy

( – Identity theft is a complicated crime to fight. Criminals often get away with massive amounts of fraud before authorities catch them. Luckily, officials just made a huge bust in Pennsylvania, taking two of these thieves off the streets.

On February 28, US Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams reported the conviction of Malan Doumbia and Souleymane Diarra on nine counts related to the theft of more than 200,000 credit card numbers. The men, both from Philadelphia, bought the numbers from the black market. They used the stolen credit card information to purchase items they then re-sold.

The charges included aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to commit money laundering, access device fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The men worked with a network of people who helped them obtain the credit card numbers and then use them to buy goods.

When searching the men’s homes, Secret Service agents found evidence of the scheme, including re-encoding machines, card readers, and lists of stolen credit card numbers. They also found computers, tablets, and cell phones.

In her remarks, Williams said such fraud is devastating to victims and can have lasting impacts on their lives. She committed to continuing the fight against fraud and punishing those responsible.

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