Senate Confirms Multiple Biden Picks for Federal Courts

Senate Confirms Multiple Biden Picks for Federal Courts

Biden Gets What He Wants – Senate Votes Are In!

( – Nominating judges to federal courts is a key part of a president’s legacy and something former President Donald Trump made sure to prioritize. But, President Joe Biden is also on track to nominate many federal judges, and the Senate just confirmed three of his most recent picks.

On Wednesday, May 18, in a 51-44 vote, the Senate confirmed Judge Trina Thompson of the Alameda County Superior Court to her slot as a federal judge in California. Thompson, a Black woman, will add to the growing diversity of the federal courts.

The upper chamber of Congress also voted to confirm Riverside County Superior Court Judge Sunshine Sykes in a 51-45 vote. She will be California’s first Native American federal judge. Lastly, the Senate confirmed Jennifer Rochon, the general counsel of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, to a post as a federal judge in Manhattan.

The New York Post shared a photo of Biden’s new judges:

These three individuals are now part of the 63 judicial nominees the Senate has confirmed under Biden, although the president has nominated 93 judges since taking office. The New York Post reported that with the midterms coming in November, the Senate hopes to confirm as many as possible in case they lose their majority.

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