Senate Parliamentarian Throws a Wrench in Dems’ Immigration Plans

Senate Parliamentarian Throws a Wrench in Dems' Immigration Plans

( – It seems one of the Democrats’ main objectives while they still control both houses of Congress is to pass legislation to aid illegal immigrants. They’ve attempted legislation multiple times and failed. Yet, they continue to try, specifically in the reconciliation bill, and get the same results.

On December 16, Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough told Liberals they could not include their immigration provisions in the $2 trillion Build Back Better bill. They wanted to institute policies to protect people illegally in this country from deportation and provide them with work permits.

MacDonough ruled the Democrats failed to prove the policies are a necessary budgetary part of the bill, and Senate rules ban unrelated matters in a reconciliation bill. This order was her third time rejecting Democrat-led attempts to include immigration policies in the controversial legislation.

House Democrats pushed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to overrule the attorney, saying he had the authority to do so. Schumer, along with five other Democratic senators, pledged to continue to find a way to include the provisions in the bill after the denial.

The White House also spoke out against the ruling and promised to fight for the inclusion of the rejected policies.

An outspoken critic of the immigration reform, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), said amnesty for people illegally in this country is not a budget matter and has no part in this legislation. He said allowing the policies in would set a bad precedent.

UPDATE: As of Sunday, December 19, it appears the Build Back Better act is all but dead after Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) declared on “Fox News Sunday” he couldn’t support the legislation amidst inflation, the continuing COVID pandemic, national debt, and rising international instability in Ukraine and South China sea. Only time will tell whether the bill truly dies on the floor or Democrats make a more sincere attempt to appease Manchin. We’ll update you on this developing story.

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