Senator Tom Cotton Schools Biden on China

Senator Tom Cotton Schools Biden on China

( – Joe Biden appears to have focused most of his attention on reversing the Trump administration’s numerous accomplishments. Whether he’s jealous of Donald Trump or doesn’t like him remains unclear. It is clear many of his actions, like his policy reversals on China, undermine American economic security at home and abroad.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke out against Biden’s weakness regarding Communist China during an interview with Fox and Friends on Monday, February 8.

Cotton zeroed in on Biden’s pattern of rebuking Trump for being the first president in decades to stand up to China. As the Arkansas senator explained, it’s not enough to complain. Biden needs to specify exactly how he intends to restrain China in the future.

The Senator talked about ways Biden could get the upper hand with Chinese officials. For instance, he should continue the Trump administration’s practice of selling arms to Taiwan, making it clear the United States will stand with its allies against Beijing. Additionally, Cotton said Biden also needs to demand full access to China’s Wuhan laboratory.

Cotton concluded by stating that Biden must acknowledge China’s status as a serious threat. Action speaks louder than words, and Cotton provided answers to both.

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