Serial Killer Identified Years Later with DNA Evidence

Serial Killer Identified Years Later with DNA Evidence

( – Science and technology have changed nearly every person’s life in the United States. For four families in the Denver, Colorado area, advances in DNA technology in the past decade led to the identification of a serial killer who reportedly took the lives of three women and one girl between 1978 and 1981.

On Friday, January 28, the Denver Police Department announced it identified Joe Michael Ervin as the killer of the following four murder victims from decades ago:

  • Dolores Barajas, 53
  • Gwendolyn Harris, 27
  • Madeleine Furey-Livaudais, 33
  • Antoinette Parks, 17

It’s alleged that Ervin stabbed each woman to death but was never caught for his crimes while alive. CBS’ true-crime show, “48 Hours” shared more about the cases:

Police arrested Ervin in June of 1981 after he allegedly killed Debra Sue Corr, an Aurora police officer, during a traffic stop. He killed himself while in jail that year. However, in 2018, investigators tied together all four murder cases described above using DNA evidence. By the end of 2021, investigators exhumed Ervin’s body from his Texas grave and confirmed him as the lead suspect in the cases.

While this news is decades later than anyone wanted, authorities hope this provides a little bit of peace to the families who still mourn their loved ones.

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