Serial Killer’s Story Takes The SPOTLIGHT – This Is Insane

New Series Brings Story of Serial Killer's Would-Be Victim to Light

New Series Brings Story of Serial Killer Back To the Light

( – Murderers inspire fear, taking innocent life out of anger, insanity, or boredom. Multiple, linked killings become even more terrifying as people wonder whether a serial killer might be afoot. Now, Netflix is bringing the story of Jeffrey Dahmer to light. The new series tells the tales of his murders. One man managed to escape the clutches of the killer and ultimately helped ensure he was brought to justice.

Netflix began streaming “DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Wednesday, September 21. The 10-episode series walks viewers through the serial killer’s life and crimes, including the murder and dismemberment of 17 men over 13 years. The sadist typically led his victims back to his apartment with the promise of money and beer before he took their lives in various horrific ways. Yet, Tracy Edwards escaped from the murderer’s Milwaukee apartment one July night in 1991, leading to the fetishist’s arrest.

Despite Edwards’ heroic escape and leading police to Dahmer, his new-found publicity didn’t improve his life. Authorities extradited him to Mississippi, where authorities charged him with the sexual assault of a teenage girl. According to ABC News, he eventually fell into homelessness and faced additional charges, including drug possession, property damage, theft, and murder.

Americans can get another glimpse into these men’s stories through the new show, but the mini-series doesn’t excite everyone. According to a recent Tweet, the family of one of Dahmer’s victims isn’t happy because the show has rekindled the trauma for them. Now, Netflix subscribers will decide whether to partake in this True Crime drama.

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