Shopping Mall To Issue New Requirement for Unaccompanied Minors

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( – Moreno Valley Mall, in southern California, is going to require that all unaccompanied minors wear a lanyard identification following the recent brawl that occurred after many people arrived at the movie theater to get cheap movie tickets.

FOX Los Angeles reported that during National Cinema Day, the movie theaters were giving movie tickets for $4, which resulted in hundreds of people rushing to the mall.

As a result, authorities had to close down the mall and security had to get involved to break up many of the fights. The mall management reported that there no weapons were in use while the altercations were ongoing. In a statement, the mall further noted that the mall security was not meant to be acting as a babysitting service and that it was up to parents to ensure that their children behaved respectfully when they were in public.

The mall said that following the incidents that unfolded, they were going to have to reconsider their options when it came to having unattended minors on their property.

The Press-Enterprise report noted that following Sunday’s event, the mall would require all unaccompanied minors to wear ID lanyards that included the information of both the child and their parents if they were in the mall unaccompanied after 5 p.m. on weekdays or at any time during the weekend.

The mall has not yet disclosed when this rule will be implemented.

On that same day, a second brawl broke out in Torrance at the Del Amo Shopping Center with footage showing young people physically fighting with one another.

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