Small Child Receives COVID-19 Vaccine By Mistake

Small Child Receives COVID-19 Vaccine By Mistake

( – Medical mistakes happen all too frequently. However, they’re particularly distressing when they happen to young children. The Baltimore Sun recently reported that a local pharmacist accidentally gave a four-year-old girl a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine instead of a seasonal flu shot. Here’s what happened.

Victoria and Martin Olivier told their daughter, Colette, age 4, that they would get her a sweet treat if she behaved at Walgreens while the family received their annual flu shots. To their surprise, she volunteered when the pharmacist asked the family who wanted to go first.

However, the pharmacist then found out he accidentally injected Colette with a COVID-19 vaccine instead of one for influenza.

The dose she received is of particular concern. Pfizer has been testing its vaccine on children, but only on those ranging from 5 to 11 years of age. Additionally, researchers have only administered about a third of the vaccination dose used on children aged 12 and up.

Phil Caruso, a spokesperson for Walgreens, told Fox News that patient safety is the company’s number one concern. “Events like this are extremely rare,” he explained in an email.

Caruso confirmed that the company reached out to the Olivier family and apologized for the unfortunate incident. He also said the company is taking steps to ensure this kind of accident doesn’t happen again in the future.

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