Some Schools Start Offering Permanent Remote Learning

Some Schools Start Offering Permanent Remote Learning

PERMANENT Remote Learning?! – US Schools Make HUGE Move

( – Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic led to many companies deciding to ditch the office and let workers stay at home. Schools had a bumpier experience with the virtual learning environment, but some institutions have decided to expand offerings beyond the physical classroom despite that. Notably, schools in three states are offering permanent remote learning for the first time this year.

According to The Wall Street Journal, school districts in California, Texas, and New York are offering full-time virtual learning in fall 2022. Dallas reportedly just started a program called iLearn Academy, which is designed to allow student to learn in a virtual setting. However, it’s not meant to be a fit for everyone. The WSJ reports that the program is intended primarily for students who may be in the process of moving, or those who suffer from anxiety.

Newsweek reported that 38 states approved virtual learning schools in 2021, allowing parents to choose remote education instead of returning to classes in person. Administrators responded to the demand for this type of environment by offering their own at-home education program, so instead of losing students to a distance option, they can keep them in the district.

On the downside, there are worries about the lack of socialization in virtual education, especially for younger students. There’s also concern about the quality of education students receive using virtual classrooms, with worries that kids may fall behind their peers who attend in person.

However, parents may have a variety of reasons for choosing a virtual school over physical attendance. For instance, WSJ reported that one mother needs to remote options for her daughter to avoid exposing her younger child to illness. Other parents may feel the environment better suits their children’s learning style or accommodates their personality in a way in-person schooling doesn’t.

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