State Attorney General Begins Investigation Into Big Tech

State Attorney General Begins Investigation Into Big Tech

( – The trend of Big Tech companies throttling Conservative voices broke new frontiers in 2021. Twitter permanently suspended the accounts of Donald Trump and other leading Conservative voices. Facebook indefinitely suspended Trump’s account and permanently shut down several others. Google and Apple removed Conservative site Parler’s app from their online stores, and Amazon Web Services canceled its hosting services.

Indiana’s Attorney General Todd Rokita appears to have had enough of this type of censorship. On Wednesday, April 7, he announced a new investigation into the issue. The probe will determine whether Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, or Twitter “potentially harmed” consumers in the state through “abusive, deceptive… or unfair” business practices.

Rokita explained that in a “free society,” few resources are as important as the ability to have access to information and the “opportunity” to express one’s “political viewpoints.” He believes it’s “potentially harmful and unfair” for Big Tech to “manipulate” or censor content using methods and criteria that online users don’t “fully understand.”

Trump understood these practical dangers; he issued an executive order in May 2020 to prevent online censorship.

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