State Lawmaker Gets Arrested in Lansing

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – A Michigan state lawmaker might be facing serious charges including felony assault and a weapons-related offense following an incident involving a dancer. The situation escalated when the dancer was allegedly pursued by the representative while he was armed.

Republican State Representative Neil Friske, aged 62, was detained and later released from Lansing police custody last week, as per reports by The Detroit Free Press. Police were called to a location on June 20 due to a reported disturbance involving gunfire.

Friske was apprehended on Windbreak Lane near a condominium he owns. It is reported that the dancer involved was affiliated with Deja Vu Showgirls, a local establishment close to the scene. The establishment, when contacted, opted not to comment on the matter.

The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the claims, with reports indicating a potential assault. Although Friske has not formally been charged, police records suggest that felony charges are being considered.

As he left the police station, Friske did not make a statement. However, his lawyer, Edwar Zeineh, emphasized the seriousness with which they are treating the case to prove Friske’s innocence.

The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office has requested further investigation into the matter and is coordinating closely with the police. Zeineh’s office is also conducting an extensive investigation to provide comprehensive findings to the prosecutors.

In political contexts, Friske’s campaign has claimed that the timing of the arrest is “suspect,” particularly in light of upcoming absentee ballots and a contentious primary race. Friske is known for his staunch conservative stances and is a notable member of the House’s Freedom Caucus.

His opponent, Parker Fairbairn, criticized Friske’s record but noted the importance of due process, stating that Friske deserves his day in court. Friske’s legal and campaign team remain confident in proving his innocence.

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