States Ask Supreme Court to Take on Major Second Amendment Case

States Ask Supreme Court to Take on Major Second Amendment Case

( – The Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. Still, it’s highly controversial in how it actually applies to the rights people have to own and carry firearms. A group of states is asking the Supreme Court to rule on a case that would clarify how states can limit the Amendment.

Led by Arizona and West Virginia, 25 states have asked the US Supreme Court to hear a case involving a Maryland firearm law banning certain weapons. According to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, the group seeks to have the court rule the legislation prohibiting citizens from owning certain types of firearms as unconstitutional. Brnovich says the law oversteps local jurisdiction in instituting the limitations.

The case is Bianchi v Frosh, and it’s a challenge to the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 in Maryland. An appeals court upheld the law, which is why the states are pushing to the High Court.

Maryland’s ban is one of the toughest restrictions on Second Amendment rights in the country. It demands that anyone who wants to own a firearm to undergo fingerprinting and safety training to secure a license. It also strictly defines assault weapons and bans any weapons falling under that definition.

What do you think? Should the Supreme Court hear this appeal?

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