Street Vendors Now Barred From Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Hannes Richter on Unsplash

( – Brooklyn Bridge vendors are now a thing of the past, as they were just barred from this well-known spot in New York City.

A new rule, which went into effect on January 3, intends to help with overcrowding on the bridge’s walkway which usually has heavy pedestrian traffic. Previously, there were many trinket sellers on the bridge who took up space from both tourists and commuters.

However, the increase in the crowds during the holiday season meant that the situation became quite dangerous as many illegal and legal vendors were on the walkway. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has argued that the situation was not only turning into a sanitary concern, but that it was also a public safety problem.

It was reported that “Just Ask Christine” personal tour guide Christine Lazzara took a video showcasing a group of people who had been moving from the pedestrian walkway to the bike paths because of how overcrowded the area was. She revealed to Nexstar’s WPIX that there was no law enforcement in the area, and there were people who had set up a sort of bar that included coffee and other drinks they were serving.

Street Vendor Project’s Mohamed Attia revealed that they had previously attempted to negotiate with NYC in an attempt to allow certain vendors to be on some parts of the bridge. He added that they have argued that vendors should still be allowed to work on the wider areas of the pathway, but not the narrow areas.

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