Student Punished for Recording Classroom Incident

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – A Missouri student was reportedly suspended after shooting a video of her teacher using a racial slur. The 15-year-old is now demanding an official apology and to have her suspension stricken from her record, according to the student’s attorney.

Mary Walton, who is attending Glendale High School in Springfield, headed back to school last week following a three-day suspension handed by the school district for improper use of electronic devices. Natalie Hull, the attorney representing Walton’s family, has stated that the teenager wants her life to go back to normal following the incident.

The video of May 9, which shows a teacher who had been employed by the district since 2008, went viral online following its posting. Initially, the teacher had been placed on administrative leave, but later on, a spokesperson representing Springfield Public Schools said that the teacher had resigned.

Hull has stated that it wasn’t fair that the teacher’s name has remained private and that he has just been able to resign, even though Walton was suspended. Many of her supporters have also argued that Walton was simply using her right to free speech, but the school district has quoted the student handbook policy which shows what is deemed as inappropriate usage of an electronic device.

Hull pointed out that with the way the case was handled, the teacher is not going to have anything on his employment record showing his behavior, while Walton is going to always have the suspension on her school records, despite the fact that her actions helped bring the teacher’s actions to light.

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