Studio Responds After Criticism Over Mother-Child Classes

Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash

( – An Atlanta pole dancing studio has responded to the criticisms relating to its “Mommy and Me” workshop, which is meant to help mothers practice pole techniques with their children. However, the workshop was perceived negatively online.

Tiajuanna ‘Tia’ Harris, the owner of the studio, told PEOPLE Magazine that they were inspired to hold the classes as a means of promoting a bonding experience for mothers and children. She said this would also promote strength, confidence, and fitness in a “supportive environment.”

The Pink Poles Studio posted a video from its now-viral class in which children and adults are all dancing to “Take Me There” the famous tune from the 1998 “Rugrats” movie.

However, many online were outraged by the video, pairing their comments about this recent incident with general concerns relating to children being oversexualized. Reports noted that children between the ages of 4 and 14 participated in the pole dancing class.

Harris said that despite the criticisms the studio had received online, the classes had been perceived positively from the local standpoint. As she told PEOPLE, this positive feedback further showed that the local community was appreciative of these inclusive fitness sessions that helped foster a more positive environment for the children and their mothers.

She added that everyone is saying that “Kids should be kids” and that at her studio, this is exactly what had happened. At the studio, there were children hanging upside down and swinging, and sliding down pole climbs much like they would have done at the playground. She further defended the class arguing that it was an opportunity for the children to be involved in some physical activity.

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