Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Powell’s Case

[Developing] Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Powell's Case

( – After filing multiple lawsuits and appeals in Michigan, it appears former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell is one step closer to getting her day in court. On Tuesday, December 15, the US Supreme Court docketed two of her petitions.

Filed on December 11, the petitions seek to overturn the election results in Georgia and Michigan. Both petitions initially sought the issuance of a temporary restraining order preventing the Electors from casting their ballots on December 14. However, since that date has already passed, supplemental briefs were filed in both cases on December 15.

Those briefs advise the court that the Republican-led State legislatures of those states permitted their Republican Electors to cast their ballots for President Donald Trump on a contingent basis. Furthermore, they ask the court to de-certify the Electoral votes cast on December 14 for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Representatives from Georgia and Michigan have until January 14, 2021, to file their responses to Powell’s petitions. What happens next is up to the Justices on the Supreme Court to decide once they read the defendants’ pleadings.

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