Supreme Court Decision Leads to Change in Maryland Gun Standards

Supreme Court Decision Leads to Change in Maryland Gun Standards

Governor Makes MASSIVE Concealed Carry Announcement – Gun Owners Rejoice!

( – After the slew of recent mass shootings, gun control has become a hot topic in political conversations once again. Amid these tragedies, the Supreme Court issued a new ruling striking down a New York State requiring residents to prove they had a good reason for carrying a gun to obtain a concealed carry permit. Now, other states are adjusting their laws to reflect this new precedent.

On Tuesday, July 5, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) announced he ordered state police to stop making residents provide a “good and substantial reason” to obtain a Wear and Carry Permit. He said he took the action to comply with the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, noting Maryland’s law was “virtually indistinguishable” from the New York legislation the Court deemed unconstitutional.

Hogan also noted he would continue to protect the “right of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms” while restricting them from “criminals and the mentally ill.”

This announcement was a huge win for Second Amendment rights and gun advocates. The previous SCOTUS ruling’s effect has also been felt by leaders in other states with restrictions on concealed carry permits. However, while states like Massachusetts promptly decided to stop enforcing its “good reason” concealed carry law, other impacted states such as New York and California are still working to restrict gun rights in other ways.

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