Supreme Court Delivers Ruling in Voter ID Defense Case

Supreme Court Delivers Ruling in Voter ID Defense Case

Voter ID Defense DECISION – Supreme Court Drops The Hammer!

( – The US Supreme Court decided who could defend the North Carolina voting law case on June 23. While the Justices did not rule on the law’s merits, they ruled that GOP lawmakers can litigate concerning state voting laws. The matter resulted from federal courts blocking state Senate leader Phil Berger (R) and House Speaker Tim Moore (R) from involvement in the lawsuit.

Berger took his arguments before the highest court in the land, asking for the right to be an advocate for voters in such situations. He claimed State Attorney General Josh Stein (D) had failed to protect the rights and interests of citizens.

Justice Neil Gorsuch provided the majority opinion. He said lawmakers in the state have the right to defend laws against any challenges. The only dissenter in the case was Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who felt the lawmakers failed to show they represented the will of the voters. She said allowing them to pursue these lawsuits would violate the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which the majority felt gave Berger and Moore the right to intervene.

The matter at hand involved a law requiring photo identification when voting. State judges ruled against it as being discriminatory toward black citizens. Two of three judges in the state superior court declared the rule unconstitutional.

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