Supreme Court ENDS Pandemic Rule – After All This Time!

Supreme Court Says Public Can Attend Hearings Again

Supreme Court Says Public Can Attend Hearings Again

( – The US Supreme Court has been getting ready for its next term, which begins on October 3. The Justices will hear arguments in the courtroom again, but they will allow public attendance to resume. In a September 28 press release, the SCOTUS announced it’s removing all COVID-19 pandemic protocols limiting attendance.

The release said seating is open, but all other areas of the building will remain closed. It also mentioned masks would be optional for those attending the hearings. The docket contains three cases on the agenda for the month.

The SCOTUS courtroom closed to the public in March 2020 when pandemic-related lockdowns began. It only resumed oral arguments on the premises in late 2021. During the lockdown, the Justices handled cases via phone or video conferencing.

A previous September 2021 notice announced the resumption of in-person testimony but made it clear the Court would only allow Court personnel and credentialed journalists in the courtroom with the Justices. The Court continued to prohibit public attendance at that time. People could watch the SCOTUS activity through video feeds.

Allowing the people back into the nation’s High Court is another step toward normality after two long years under pandemic protocols. Still, the SCOTUS will maintain video access because the Justices found it was popular, according to The Washington Post.

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