Suspect Allegedly Tells Workers “Happy Holidays” Before Trying To Rob Jewelry Store

Photo by Jackie Tsang on Unsplash

( – A robber in Alabama allegedly attempted to steal jewelry by using a bear spray can on the store workers after wishing them “Happy Holidays.”

The Alabama police revealed that during the altercation, the store owner proceeded to shoot the suspect in the shoulder. This led to the suspect stumbling out of the store with a wound and being arrested by law enforcement soon after, according to Fox News.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, December 6, and the surveillance images showed a woman, who had been identified by Gardendale police to be 32-year-old Heather Denise Wright, approaching the store wearing a face mask, gloves, and a hood. She entered Jeff Dennis Jewelers with a bear spray can in her hand. After entering, she allegedly wished the workers “Happy Holidays” before stating that she was not intending to hurt anyone.

She then started using the spray indoors, which prompted Jeff Dennis, the store owner, to respond. He told that at the time, he did everything he felt was necessary to ensure the protection and security of his employees and store. He added that he didn’t know during the incident “what she was capable of.”

The suspect kept the door open with a block after entering, which is what initially made Dennis draw his firearm. After the suspect unleashed the bear spray in the store, Dennis ended up shooting her in the shoulder, causing her to fall back reeling. Following the altercation, she dropped her bag screaming for him to stop as she ran out. Dennis claimed to have found weapons in the bag.

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