Suspect Caught by Authorities After Accidentally Shooting Himself

Suspect Caught by Authorities After Accidentally Shooting Himself

Criminal Makes MISTAKE During Burglary – Headshot!

( – Clumsy people should probably stay away from the criminal life. One burglar learned this the hard way when he managed to shoot himself in the head while trying to escape the crime scene. Law enforcement managed to find him, but they have to wait for his release from the hospital to arrest him.

The crime took place in Seattle on May 4 during the morning hours. The Seattle Police Department reported a homeowner heard the would-be criminal in his garage and, upon investigation, discovered the burglar. Grabbing a broom as a makeshift weapon, he chased the criminal into a parking lot.

At that point, the suspect attempted to get into a van. He tried to warn the victim to leave him alone by pointing a gun at him. The homeowner decided to flee the scene but said he heard the gun go off as he walked away. The van then left, and the homeowner called the police.

Shortly after officers arrived on the scene, they received notice of the arrival of a gunshot victim at First Hill Hospital. They investigated and found it was the suspect with a gunshot wound in his head. Officers believe he shot himself as he climbed into the van to flee.

The man was also a suspect in another crime outside the city, the van he was in was stolen, and he had previous felony convictions. After his release from the hospital, officers will take the man into custody and transfer him to the King County Jail. He will face charges for having a stolen vehicle, engaging in felony harassment, committing a burglary, and having a firearm illegally.

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