Suspect May Be EXTRADITED – SERIOUS Allegations Reported!

South Korea May Extradite Woman Involved in New Zealand Case

South Korea May Extradite Woman Linked To New Zealand Case

( – Occasionally, luggage goes unclaimed at airports or storage units, leaving companies to find ways to dispose of the bags and contents. Some choose to hand off the bags to auction houses that sell the contents to the highest bidder. However, when one New Zealand family bid and won two suitcases, the contents were not at all what they expected. Ultimately, it could result in the extradition of a South Korean woman to New Zealand to face charges.

In August, a family purchased two suitcases from an online auction. After transporting them home, they found the long-dead bodies of two children inside. Investigators eventually linked the two abandoned carriers and their contents to a woman in South Korea, despite the bodies being several years old.

In September, authorities arrested the suspect at a port in southern South Korea. At the time, she vehemently denied the charges. According to a report from The Guardian, when police tried to question her, she would only say, “I didn’t do it.”

The suspect remains in jail as her nation decides what to do with her. According to police, she is from South Korea but moved to New Zealand and became a citizen before going back to her place of birth. Police are investigating whether the children are hers; she registered for the storage unit containing the suitcases for a time.

Now, the New Zealand Justice Ministry is requesting South Korea extradite the woman to the island so she can stand trial for the murders authorities suspect her of carrying out. It’s unknown when the court will make the decision.

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